Welcome to P is for Portman

The NataliePortman.com Newsletter

Greetings Natalie fans,

For years and years (and years) we have been asked to create a newsletter.

Give us news in our inbox, you said!

Don’t be lazy, we said!

Well, we’re here now and that’s all that matters.

Time for a Natalie photo, methinks…

So what’s the plan

For right now we’re going to call this the experimental phase.

We’re kind of feeling this out - not gonna like, I have no idea what I’m doing so if you are even reading this it’s already a miracle.

But generally speaking, to start with we want to deliver a monthly newsletter that has lots of cool content in it including:

  • “On this date” flashbacks to Natalie events of the past

  • The big news items from the previous month (even though Natalie news is obviously fairly quiet right now)

  • Fanart of the month

  • Maybe some trivia

  • Definitely lots of deep dives into the 10’s of thousands of Natalie photos you may not have seen

  • A few laughs (not too many, these are serious times!)

  • And anything else that seems interesting (let us know what you think should be in these things)

If we can nail that we will maybe switch to a weekly newsletter as well.

Or maybe this will be the first and last newsletter.

With P is for Portman, anything can happen!

So subscribe below to receive these in your inbox and see you soon!

- Dazza